Donors to SOPHE's 21st Century Fund are forward-thinking individuals and organizations who want to help students launch their health education careers and propel SOPHE to achieve its vision of a healthy world through health education.

Established in 1998, today the fund supports 19 student scholarships to attend SOPHE's annual meeting or advocacy summit, and 1 full-time internship in a community health agency.

View recent 21st Century recipients and testimonies and hear about the campaign's history.

21st Century Scholarship Awardees in 2018

The following individuals were recipients of SOPHE’s 21st Century Scholarships in 2018.

Evi Addoh, BDS, University of Mississippi
Thailaya Berry, Morgan State University
Ariana R. Edouard, Rhode Island College
Mckelle Hamson, Texas Women's University
Benjamin Lasser, Truman State University
Rebecca Rich, MA, University of Alabama
Ha Ngan (Milkie) Vu, MA, Emory University
Victoria Wagner-Greene, MPH, CHES® University of Toledo

Sara Mohamed, 21st Century Annual Meeting Scholar

 “As a not only first time SOPHE conference attendee, but a first time ever conference attendee, I found my experience at the SOPHE conference to be enlightening, inspiring, and a great opportunity to learn and grow in my field. The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the opening preliminary session on Thursday morning was the shared passion and energy for public health of all the attendees. I thought to myself- here are my people. “

Tyler G. James, 21st Century Advocacy Summit Scholar

 “Now that I have attended the Advocacy Summit, I feel that my toolbox of methods for promoting health has improved substantially. Further, I feel more comfortable engaging in discussions related to prevention – especially regarding tobacco use and diabetes prevention.”

“I think it’s imperative to share the information I learned with a broader audience. I am working with two organizations - a large student organization at my university and a deaf community-based organization - to share the important lessons with community members interested in becoming advocates.”