Donors to SOPHE's 21st Century Fund are forward-thinking. These individuals
and organizations have a vision for a healthier world for all.

Donors want to support the students and professionals in the health education and
promotion profession. They want to reward those who are constant advocates for
public health policies in their communities.

Established in 1998, the 21st Century Scholarship awards students and practitioners
with financial support to attend SOPHE's Annual Conference or Advocacy Summit. The opportunity to attend either of these signature events offers a
learning experience that can last a lifetime.


View recent 21st Century recipients and testimonies and hear about the campaign's history.

21st Century Scholarship Awardees in 2018

The following individuals were recipients of SOPHE’s 21st Century Scholarships in 2018.

Evi Addoh, BDS, University of Mississippi
Thailaya Berry, Morgan State University
Ariana R. Edouard, Rhode Island College
Mckelle Hamson, Texas Women's University
Benjamin Lasser, Truman State University
Rebecca Rich, MA, University of Alabama
Ha Ngan (Milkie) Vu, MA, Emory University
Victoria Wagner-Greene, MPH, CHES® University of Toledo

Sara Mohamed, 21st Century Annual Meeting Scholar

 “As a not only first time SOPHE conference attendee, but a first time ever conference attendee, I found my experience at the SOPHE conference to be enlightening, inspiring, and a great opportunity to learn and grow in my field. The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the opening preliminary session on Thursday morning was the shared passion and energy for public health of all the attendees. I thought to myself- here are my people. “

Tyler G. James, 21st Century Advocacy Summit Scholar

 “Now that I have attended the Advocacy Summit, I feel that my toolbox of methods for promoting health has improved substantially. Further, I feel more comfortable engaging in discussions related to prevention – especially regarding tobacco use and diabetes prevention.”

“I think it’s imperative to share the information I learned with a broader audience. I am working with two organizations - a large student organization at my university and a deaf community-based organization - to share the important lessons with community members interested in becoming advocates.”


Amos Aduroja
Diane Allensworth
Kathleen Allison
Pauline Ameir
Adetoun Asala
M. Elaine Auld

Thailaya Berry
Debra Bill
David Birch
Kelly Bishop
Flora Bloom
Brittny Bratcher-Rasmus
Jean Breny
William Brieger
David Brown
Molly Brown
Meghan Burroughs

Kaitlin Cartoccio
Michelle Carvalho
Chelsea Chappell
Joanne Chopak-Foss
J. Hope Corbin
Carol Cox
Thometta Cozart

Kay Deaner

Jody Early
JoAnne Earp

Michael Fagen
Heather Flattery
Deborah Fortune
Linda Forys
Vincent Francicso
Molly French

Stephen Gambescia
Gary Gilmore
Robert Gold
Eryn Greaney
Lawrence Green

Emonie Hall
Cicily Hampton
Heidi Hancher-Rauch
John Hannay
Elaine Hicks
Stephanie Holt
Alice Horowitz

Melinda Ickes

Tyler James
Renny John
Brigitte Johnson

Nancy Kingston

Sue Lachenmayr
Aaron Lands
Lisa Lieberman
Shanna Livermore
Ric Loya
Raffy Luquis

Patricia Mail
Cristina Malinis
Holly Mata
Kelli McCormack Brown
James McKenzie
Cheryl Merzel
Angela Mickalide
Katie Miller
Robin Mockenhaupt
J. Henry Montes
Donald Morisky
Holly Moses

Quynh Nguyen
Jen Nickelson

Kathleen Parker
Ellen Phillips-Angeles
William Potts-Datema
Nicolette Powe

Julia Rae Varnes
Alisha Redelfs
Cheryl Reifer
Susan Resnik
Marilyn Rice
Stephanie Rockford
Kathleen Roe
Abby Rosenthal
Geraldine Rousculp

Doreleena Sammons-Hackett
Kathleen Schmalz
Anita Sego
R. Debra Shapiro
Mary Shaw-Ridley
Cherylee Sherry
David Sleet
Alan Sofalvi
Caile Spear
Elizabeth Stevenson
Patrick Stieg
L. Nan Stout

Jean Taliaferro
Tanisha Thompson
Mohammad Torabi

Gayle Walter
Deitra Wengert